My Goals

The access path to this page is through the ‘‘home’’ and ‘‘profile’’ page. In this page you have access to a minimal calendar which allows you to see your goals based on the date and the way you have set them. After clicking on the month button you can also change the month of calendar to have more general view about your past and future goals.

With a simple scrolling you can find your goals and by clicking on them you find further informations about them or even other participants who joined or want to join with you.

My Goal page is also the main way of having access to the Timer and Treasury page."

Groups and Chatrooms

This section contains chat rooms following the goals of each group. It is also useful for users to talk and communicate directly with each other.

The order of display of contacts is based on the latest message.

In edit section it is possible to find and chat with others who is include in your follower or following list. In case that your phone contacts is connected to PiTime you can also find them in edit section.

Here is also possible to pin up or pin down someone in chatroom’s list


The access path to this page is through the ‘‘My Goals’’ page. Here you can find and participate in other timers through search box with typing the related code of each timer.

You can build your own timer with just clicking on the timer symbol in the center of timer page. There is also multiple settings option for users to personalise their timer.

You can build timer from one minutes up to thirty one days.

After a timer is finished.

This will be added as a finished goal in ‘‘Treasury’’ page.